So you've heard of Purplebricks

What made these guys successful was the fact that instead of copying the existing real estate agent model, they were able to change the very foundation on which the business operates. Estate agents differ little from the recruitment agents (both arguably the two most despicable trades in the world, with only lawyers topping up the list) in respect of the way they make profit - the product, goods or service are commission-based.

Sure I've been there myself

I happened to end up in the recruitment sector for years and I know perfectly well how frustrating and costly traditional staff supply may prove to be. To make it worse, skilled staff supply has been always trickier and called for specialised agents with infrastructure and resources in place, which in turn often caused the whole exercise to become prohibitively expensive. Our idea is to change all that by completely taking the infrastructure, resources and commission out whilst delivering results. And this is how we do it:

In simple terms the idea is that we do not act as a third party and supply labour. Instead we provide extensive recruitment campaigns to reach out and ensure the same level of delivery as traditional recruitment agents, but without the burdens of:

Up to 6 months-long assignment periods

Hourly commission fees

Qualifying periods

Extended hire

Transfer and penalty fees

Introduction fees

Payroll schemes

Complex engagement terms

What's on the table then? We offer flexible plans worth approximately the amount of fees equal to one typical converted employee with no upper limit on the number of candidates put forward, which means that if during a 3-month campaign we only manage to direct a couple of workers to you, you have already halved your costs when compared to a traditional agent. If during said period we introduce, say 12 workers, you still only get charged the fixed amount, saving the business tens of thousands of pounds. Do the maths yourself!


You probably wonder how it is possible that we can afford to provide the service for a fraction of the cost and stay on the market. The answer is simple - we keep our overheads to a minimum, our infrastructure is that of our know-how and we don't hire excessive staff nor do we lease a fleet of flashy cars. We don't believe in generating any unnecessary costs, either for ourselves or our clients.

Want to find out more?

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