We are Vis Legis Consulting Group Limited

The company was established in February 2018 in order to facilitate Poland-based legal professionals in response to the popular demand of the Polish-speaking community in the UK in regards to outstanding legal issues in their home country.

Since then we recognised the need for providing legal representation of British-based commercial entities who have business dealings in Poland, and we currently run a separate department to deal with such cases. We cover all courts in Poland and specialise in solving disputes based on contractual and extra-contractual obligations, breeches in contracts, court representation, contract drafting, mediation etc.

Working with us means full dedication, professionalism, prices for legal service competitive with those of Poland-based practices and a convenience of meeting our consultants at your doorstep, thanks to our physical presence in the UK.

We currently do not offer any services linked with the English law nor we do not represent individuals or legal entities in the courts of England and Wales, therefore we are not a registered law practice in the meaning of UK's regulations; our employees and contractors are however fully compliant with the Republic of Poland's law regarding these matters and are members of the Polish bar (KIRP). The spectrum of legal services we facilitate is therefore that of the jurisdiction of Polish courts, including cross-border disputes within  the EU and beyond, where Polish courts would be in a position of ruling.

We provide services such as:


If you would like to find out more or please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 07902735169 or email me at frank@vislegis.co.uk

First consultation is free of charge.


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