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Vis Legis provides comprehensive legal services to both individuals and businesses.


Our main goal is to provide each client with legal assistance at the highest level. We guarantee each client an individual approach and full support until the end of the case.


We are very diligent in reviewing the facts, because we know that this is the basis for making the right decisions. You can be sure that we will offer the best solution to the case presented to us, and with legal services we will be guided by professionalism and principles of professional ethics, which guarantee effective and comfortable cooperation. 


Based in southern Poland we cover geographically all courts in the country and our registered, English-speaking barristers are qualified to represent clients in courts of all tiers. With our presence established in the UK we are well positioned to continue working on the cross-border case-load whilst delivering our usual level of service.


Commercial & contract

We provide complex legal services to British companies with business dealings in Poland, such as drafting arrangements, resolving disputes and representing British firms in Polish courts;

Family law



We possess vast expertise in the sphere of  Polish family law;

Inheritance law

Polish inheritance law is very different to its British equivalent - as a member of a family in many cases you may be entitled to an estate to which under UK's law you would hold no claim

Criminal law

We represent our Clients in criminal proceedings, we can act as a defender of the suspect, as well as the victim's representative at every stage of the proceedings;

‎Copyright & Patent‎ rights in Poland

‎We deal with issues related to the legal protection of intellectual property in Polish law; ‎

Debt collection in Poland

We deal with debt collection cases, from the moment the debtor is called upon to pay, through to the conduct of legal and enforcement proceedings.

Polish immigration Law

We advise on issues related to obtaining Polish residency rights and the road to citizenship for British nationals


We provide advice to property investors and represent them with sellers both private and commercial

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