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‎Currently in Britain there are a number of legal firms advertising their ability to deal with cases under Polish jurisdiction - none of them can actually do that by themselves. Whilst technically not misrepresenting the facts, these lawyers in reality sub-hire solicitors in Poland and act as middlemen, charging a hefty premium comparable with the fees expected to be paid for the same service in the UK.


This is not the case with us - we are actually based in Poland whilst maintaining a team of consultants in the UK in order to:

  • cut the costs of providing the service - our fees are roughly less than half when compared to the local solicitors;

  • ensure any communication with our clients is first-hand and direct with a dedicated consultant assigned to the case;

  • facilitate face to face meetings in the UK - at a location that is convenient to our clients;

  • ease the strain of traveling to Poland to attend court hearings - we aim to obtain written witness statements whenever possible


‎Generally remuneration for our services is individual and determined with the client before we commit to carry out work. The amount depends on the expected length, expedition and complexity of the case. The remuneration does not include court and stamp charges and additional costs, such as travel expenses to courts or other institutions.‎

‎We offer the following forms of remuneration:‎

·         ‎Flat-rate‎‎ – consists of determining in advance the amount due for the performance of all necessary actions in the case, according to the needs of the client - e.g. drawing up a claim, legal opinion, representation before the Court of First Instance, attending hearings

·         ‎Hourly‎‎ – consists of setting an hourly rate for our work, taking into account the complexity of the case; when taking action on the case, we record the working time on the basis of which we issue a VAT invoice either monthly or after the end of the case (depending on the arrangements made with the client)‎

·         ‎Monthly set fee for permanent legal services‎‎ - the principles of constant legal service are always adapted to the individual needs and expectations of the client, which reflects the amount of our remuneration.‎

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