‎For your convenience and value for money, Vis Legis' professional team will help you to  solve your legal issues in Poland whilst offering a direct, dedicated consultant solely focused on your case and readily available for meetings / calls in the UK 

Our mission

‎More than just a lawyer

‎We are the only law firm in the UK that provides legal advice related to Polish law and representation before the Polish justice ‎‎system without the involvement of third parties. 

Advances in technology mean that we can offer practical advice in the matters under Polish jurisdiction wherever you are based - however our physical footprint is that of the United Kingdom and Poland. 

‎Without having to go to Poland to meet a professional lawyer, our on-site team will help you to solve any legal problem., such as: ‎

  • Child ‎maintenance‎

  • ‎Divorce

  • ‎Child custody

  • Inheritance claims

  • ‎Criminal defence and prosecution

  • EAW's / extraditions 

  • ‎Contractual disputes

  • ‎Conveyancing

  • ‎Debt recovery‎

‎We treat each client individually and consider each case with due diligence, in accordance with the principles of professional ethics. ‎


Meet The Team

Joanne Starkie

Document Review

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Piotr Pogoda


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Zofia Bromboszcz 


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Błażej Smykowski 

Legal Consultant

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Katarzyna Górny

consulting Advocate

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Łukasz Zieliński

Legal Consultant

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Beata Obarska


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Raphael Dropalla \

Admin support

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