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Our Polish-qualified solicitors, barristers and notaries are available for meetings across UK

We are the only legally registered firm in the UK that solves problems related to the Polish law and represents clients before courts in Poland - all without intermediaries. By choosing us, you choose professional service, reliability and a guarantee of responsibility - we work to the highest professional and ethical standards as prescribed by requirements of the Bar of the Republic of Poland (KiRP). The scope of our work includes both civil and criminal cases. We aim to arrange a personal meetings without the need for our clients to travel abroad, as we maintain physical presence in the UK, with English-speaking staff ready to meet you at your doorstep.

Welcome to the Vis Legis website. In order to obtain information on the spectrum of our activities, use the appropriate buttons on the site navigation bar. We kindly inform you that we do not grant admissions without prior appointment. To arrange a meeting, please contact us for an initial discussion about the case being handled by one of the possible communication channels. All information provided to employees, contractors or third parties hired to perform services by Vis Legis are treated as strictly confidential and administered by Vis Legis Consulting Group Ltd in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016.

In Negotiation

Problems with children custody, alimonies or do you need to file for divorce? We have expertise, knowledge and an experienced team of lawyers accredited in Poland who are ready to provide you with professional advice and represent you in courts if necessary.

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There are various situations in life that can result in investigations being launched against you - situations that may result in extradition or the issuing of a European Arrest Warrant. Contact us to discuss your problems with criminal law in Poland and we will advice you on the best approach

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If you are applying for compensation in Poland, you intend  to recover a debt, you are asserting your rights under a guarantee or warranty, or you need to solve matters related to the ownership of real estate, we are able to provide professional advice and enforce your claims.


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