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We specialise in Polish law. Whether you have an ongoing family dispute, a divorce, need to initiate inheritance proceedings, wish to acquire a property in Poland, have business dealings that require a legal professional or you are facing criminal charges under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Poland - we are perfectly positioned to provide you with legal advice and court representation.


Після початку незаконної російської війни в Україні та на знак нашої солідарності з народом України ми з радістю надамо безкоштовні юридичні консультації всім громадянам України та їхнім родинам, які бажають в’їхати на територію Польської Республіки та хочуть розглянути питання про надання там притулку. Ми також сподіваємося, що зможемо допомогти будь-яким громадянам України, які є членами сімей громадян Великобританії, які проживають в Україні, щодо нещодавно введених тимчасових візових пільг для в’їзду на територію Великобританії – посольство Великобританії наразі не надає такої підтримки.

Please note that due to the backlog in courts caused by the pandemic, certain cases not involving custody are taking much longer to process. Polish courts prioritise their work based on the circumstances and so for example a case where an urgent injunction order would result from the proceedings would be put in queue over the civil family law case involving assigning custodial rights over an underaged etc. 
We would normally not commit to a proceeding with a very distant initial processing times i.e. over 6 months for the case to be filed. Please contact us directly for more information.

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Support Through Court has, over the years, been pivotal in providing essential services to lay people representing themselves in courts. It makes access to justice, one of the main pillars of the UK's legal system, more viable. In June 2022 the Government announced a withdrawal of funding with a very short notice. Click on the link to find out more & donate.

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Issues with children custody, alimonies or do you need to file for divorce? We have expertise, knowledge and an experienced team of lawyers accredited in Poland who are ready to provide you with professional advice and represent you in court if necessary.


There are various situations in life that can result in investigations being launched against you - situations that may result in extradition or the issuing of a European Arrest Warrant. Contact us to discuss your problems with criminal law in Poland and we will advice you on the best approach

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If you are applying for compensation in Poland, you intend  to recover a debt, you are asserting your rights under a guarantee or warranty, or you need to solve matters related to the ownership of real estate, we are able to provide professional advice and enforce your claims.

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